Rush week is a fun week of events to give you an opportunity to meet the members of Alpha Gamma Omega and to consider membership.

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Who We Are

Click to discover more about Alpha Gamma Omega and who we are.

Pismo Beach Football Tournament

One of only two National AGO events, Pismo Football Tournament is hosted by us here at Cal Poly. Click here to learn about and register for Pismo!

Meet the Brothers

Read bios of our current membership to get to know the men behind AGO.


Interested in AGO? Come out and join us for a week of fun called Rush!

Rev. Roger Minassian, Founder and Executive Director of Hope Now for Youth, "AGO develops a durable Christianity able to withstand the wiles of the devil, because a man is required to live for Christ 24 hours a day, every day. If a young collegian is more interested in being Biblically correct than politically correct, in God's eternal will than the majority's passing fad, in helping others over helping self, in true friends instead of party pals, consider Alpha Gamma Omega."